NRM Research Governance Theme

The term research governance has been used here to encompass research infrastructure, institutions, coordination, information management, and public education and communication.

NRM problem: There are a range of problems with the integration, coordination and communication of research in natural resource management in the region.

Research management

  • Developing integrated research plans for the region eg. integrated marine plan
  • Improving communication of research results
  • Identifying collaboration, funding sources for research in the region
  • Regular reviews of research requirements, priorities
  • Collation, communication of research results and improving research data availability
  • Encouraging multi-disciplinary projects
  • Identifying and developing research facilities for the region

Information management

  • Improving GIS and spatial analysis methods
  • Increasing the use of GIS for planning and monitoring
  • Improving data and information management
  • Maintaining information on research projects
  • Improving collection and use of socio-economic data in NRM
  • Establishing and maintaining long term data sets for monitoring change

Coordination monitoring and evaluation and adaptive management

  • Coordinating monitoring of condition change for adaptive management
  • Improving the use of research for adaptive management


  • Incorporating information on climate change impacts into planning
  • Better availability, use of GIS and spatial analysis in planning


  • Developing environmental education opportunities/centres
  • Establishing environmental demonstration sites