Agriculture and Soils
Research FieldPossible ProjectNotes
Soil managementeffectiveness of gypsum and lime applications with SLT ripper 
nitrogen interaction with molybdenum 
non wetting soils and water use efficiency of crops and pastures 
efficient use of phosphorus in coastal pastures 
evaluate the FertCare accredited advisors against the soil test standards agreed for the FPA 
techniques for increasing Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) 
what are the barriers to farmers applying lime to increase soil pH? 
Reducing rechargedo perennial forage species mimic the hydrological balance of native plant communities?Evergraze
are perennial forages improving soil health?Evergraze
what is impact of perennial based farming systems on local native plant communities and off-farm landscape?Evergraze
impact of perennial grains (eg. wheat) on soil conservation and soil carbon 
impact of perennial grains on waterway and estuaries 
cost/ benefits of perennial grains 
appropriate germplasm for perennial grains 
appropriate perenniality for farming systems 
economic and social aspects of new farming systems Evergraze
Agriculture and climate changetest potential of WA pastures fed to cattle to produce methane 
test how grazing perennials and annuals impacts on pasture quality and persistence; and impact on methane production and soil carbon 
measuring carbon sequestration in environmental plantings on farms 
do perennial forage species sequester carbon?