Marine and Coastal
Research FieldPossible ProjectNotes
Coastal managementidentify areas of concern, development pressure; coastal dynamics and effects; susceptibility (Emu Point) 
translate large scale knowledge to local scale conditions/ issues; develop risk maps, management tools; develop long term adaptive framework for sandbar management that includes climate change; dependence of migratory birds on estuaries - how mobile are they? 
ecological and social impacts of access, impacts on seabirds nesting in dunes, impact on invertebrates 
physical and biological dynamics; interaction with Leeuwin current; recruitment, egg/larval dispersal; migratory patterns of eg. salmon, herring 
Yakamia Creek: ecological values/services/including Oyster Harbour; water resource development; water quality; understand hydrology/ ecology/ geomorphology linkages; retrofit existing technology/ approaches; compare Anzac Peace Park with bottom end of Yakamia Creek (biofiltration) 
assessment of the environmental impact of not opening the Wilson Inlet bar in 2010/2011 summer including impacts on vegetation, water quality, fish spawning and migratory birds 
social, environmental and economic impacts of coastal management 
ecological impacts of aquaculture intensification/ expansion/ development 
impact of sea-level rise on hard infrastructure on the south coast of WA: economic, social and environmental impacts 
Marine species and habitatidentify areas of concern, development pressure; coastal dynamics and effects; susceptibility 
southern rock lobster/deep sea crabs: biological parameters, stock structure, impacts of Leeuwin current 
diversity, distribution - remote sensing, satellites use of spectral signatures, baseline data 
recreational fish boat vectors 
recreational/commercial fishing pressure; links between community aspirations and management of fish stocks; economic value of fish resources to recreational sector compared to commercial sector 
Marine reserves/marine planningdo they work - social economic implications (commercial/recreational) 
base decisions on management of marine usage on the best available information, applying the precautionary principle 
Seagrassesimpact of recreational anchors; regeneration times for seagrass; use of pioneer species to help seagrass rehabilitation 
Climate changemanagement of the impacts of climate change eg. sea levels and estuary foreshores 
impacts on Wilson Inlet - feed into management plan 
impacts on seawater, freshwater interface