Research Governance
Research FieldPossible ProjectNotes
Research managementwhat are barriers limiting agency collaboration 
Encourage publishing of all research results 
Publicise the existence of research findings 
Collation, reporting of data from projects 
Conduct regular reviews of research requirements based on predictions of future information needs 
Encourage the establishment of multi-disciplinary project teams including planners, managers and researchersICG, WAMSI
Seek access to data held by corporations, consultants and non-government organisationsICG, WAMSI
Develop an integrated marine research plan for the south coast.ICG, WAMSI
Develop, maintain and disseminate a central register of research projects for south coast marine watersICG, WAMSI
Encourage the conduct of further baseline researchICG, WAMSI
Continue to identify and approach potential funding sources for south coast research.ICG, WAMSI
Maintain a central register of available research expertise.ICG
Identify and develop facilities to support research along the south coast.ICG
Expand the structured involvement of schools and members of south coast communities in research activities.ICG, DET
Make research results publicly available where possible.ICG
In conjunction with researchers, ensure that potential adverse impacts of marine research are considered in project designs.ICG
Coordinate intra-State as well as State and Commonwealth research efforts.ICG, WAMSI
Restrict access to sensitive research data where there is potential for its inappropriate use.ICG
Establish a focus on Great Western Woodlands research by integrating government and non-government activitiesGreat Western Woodlands
Coordinate research activity in the Western Woodlands.Great Western Woodlands
Incorporate research findings into land use and management approachesGreat Western Woodlands
Ensure research links between marine and water themes, marine and catchment 
Information managementhow to effectively efficiently manage data from NRM projects; develop clearinghouse/ knowledge broker for socio-economic data 
synthesis of restoration initiatives and data; identify/develop long-term data sets (water quality, biodiversity) for evaluation purposes; map floodplains for planning and development agencies 
Store research findings and other information in a single Geographic Information System 
Provide an easily accessible web portal for access by planners, managers and members of the public 
Continue to develop and maintain a Geographic Information System housing all available data relevant to south coast marine waters for use by planners, managers and members of the public. 
Knowledge broker 
Communication eg. web based, facebook, wiki 
Make public all relevant research results, through single portalGreat Western Woodlands
Coordination of evaluation and monitoring and adaptive managementmonitor and evaluate effectiveness and efficiency of NRM planning and implementation; determine optimal resource effort for planning 
post project appraisals; broadscale evaluation processes for NRM to be developed and implemented 
Make research and monitoring results easily accessible to managers and other land users (see also Information Storage and Accessibility)Great Western Woodlands
Evaluating the effectiveness of catchment planning 
PlanningDevelop an integrated marine research plan for the south coast. 
Incorporating research information on climate change impacts into planning 
Use of spatial analysis/research in planning 
EducationOpportunities to develop the CSL as a biodiversity field study centre - examine successful and less successful centres to determine characteristics for success.┬áMake recommendations on opportunities for the south coast at the Centre for Sustainable Living Denmark. 
Future planning, monitoring and environmental education opportunities for the Green Skills Wetlands Education Centre