Geoff Woodall with members of the Mid West Aboriginal Groups, harvesting Ipomoea calobra tubers
Geoff Woodall

Centre of Excellence in Natural Resource Management

Dr Woodall works part time for CENRM and is interested in the biology of native plants and the development of new native plant-based industries for sustainable rural development. He is interested in research and development of profitable revegetation options using native species, focusing on Santalum spicatum (sandalwood), brushwood, native poplar, native pine, native legumes and new native root vegetable crops for human consumption. Geoff is also interested in reducing the cost of native plant establishment via field sowing seeds and improving the reliability and uniformity of direct seeding. Geoff also runs a small farm and works as a native plant agronomist.

Key research:
Improving the performance of cultivated Santalum spicatum
Developing new products from the nuts of Santalum spicatum
Improving the establishment of commercial and non-commercial native plants in agricultural lands
Developing new root vegetable crops

Email address:

Phone: 9842 0855 or 0427 449 644